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Our process

Why Powder Coating?


Powder coating is more than just a finish: it provides a durable, long-lasting, protective coat not found in other conventional methods, like liquid coating (i.e., paint). Also, powder is a flexible and easy material to use, and can be applied to many different types of metals. Because powder is composed of solid materials (pigments, resins, and fillers), no solvent fumes or liquid paint residues are produced; this eliminates hazardous waste, reduces air pollution, and simplifies clean up.


Powder Coating Benefits


  • Improved product durability & quality

  • Better color consistency & matching

  • Greater corrosion resistance

  • An environmentally-friendly application

At Superb, our powder coating services provide customers with a superior industrial finish for their products. With more than 200 standard colors to choose from – plus custom color services – we have the selection and capabilities our customers need.

While our process supports a variety of powders, including epoxy, hybrid, polyester, polypropylene, and urethane, we are happy to consider more options if a customer requires.


Our Process


For more than two decades, our plant and facilities have delivered powder coating and value‐added services – assembly, packaging, and inventory management – to our customers. We execute our process in a 55,000 square‐foot facility, equipped with two automated, continuous overhead lines that allow for consistent powder application and industry‐leading turnaround times of 1‐2 days. With a focus on efficiency, Superb’s finishing process uses no liquids, produces no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and recycles all materials. Contrary to conventional coating methods, we electrostatically apply (spray) dry powder to an object and then cure it in an oven at a temperature of 350-425°F to create a continuous coat. While job order specifications vary by customer, our process can be summarized in three stages:

Stage 1

steps (1-3)

Stage 2

steps (4-6)

Stage 3

steps (7-9)

As part of our process, we partner with our chemical and powder suppliers to make sure we are using the latest scientific advancements and color options; in this way, we work persistently to make sure our services and solutions remain competitive and ahead of other providers. By maintaining a diligent process, Superb is better positioned to minimize variability and produce finished products at a competitive total cost.

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