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About Us

Superb IPC is a leading, regional provider of powder coating services and industrial solutions. Superb serves customers throughout the Midwest region, which includes Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and more.

As a full service company, Superb also caters to a wide range of customers from various industries: appliances, automotive, general metals, commercial and industrial goods. To provide exceptional quality and service, Superb operates a 75,000 square-foot facility that is conveniently located in Shelbyville, KY (just 30 minutes east of Louisville, KY) and includes two automated powder coating lines and one 20 foot capable batch operation for quick delivery.


Because we know our success depends on the success of our customers, Superb maintains a strong focus on quality, process and relationships to achieve operational excellence and build long-lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers.



Best Practices

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

  • Utilize Lean manufacturing principles and methods for continuous improvement and quality monitoring

Quality-Focused Process

  • Dedicated line leaders with management oversight

  • Skilled operators who execute operating procedures to minimize variability and protect against product defects


Two Automated Lines


  • Two continuous, overhead lines that are operated by cross‐trained personnel and can hold parts up to 5' x 10' x 2'

  • 5 stage washer system utilizing nanotechnology conversion coating for optimal salt spray testing performance

  • Proven experience with a variety of powders, including epoxy, hybrid, polyester, polypropylene, urethane, and more

  • Environmentally safe. Powder over-sprayed can be easily recovered during the painting process


Large Product Batch System

  • Capable of coating parts 8' x 8' x 20' long

  • ​​Specializing in products for conveyor systems, structural elements, electronic & tooling cabinets, and material handling/surface finishing equipment 

  • Our process includes the P-300 SPRAYWAND™ Pretreatment Application System to meet or exceed salt spray testing performance requirements


Broad Color Coating Capabilities


  • Can coat over 200 industry-standard colors, or customize colors for customers as required

  • On average, spray 8‐10 different colors per day



  • Work to deliver quality products and services to customers at a competitive total cost

  • Regularly communicate with customers to provide flexible scheduling options and quick delivery (1‐2 days)


  • Partner with powder suppliers to maintain latest color offerings and SKUs

  • Work closely with chemical lab partners to test and validate inputs, and resolve issues


  • Provide employees with ongoing training and development opportunities

  • Create a workplace that values honest and open communication, collaboration, and quality work


Superb provides value to its customers by:

  • Maintaining a focus on quality results and customer service

  • Executing a process that's designed to minimize variability and protect against defective parts

  • Delivering on-time orders so our customers can supply (with no delay) finished products to their end customers

  • Partnering with our customers and suppliers to ensure we meet order specifications prior to initiating a job order


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