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Fog and Nature

Carbon Footprint Declaration


Scope 1 emission in Tons

Scope 2 emission in Tons

Base Year - 2017



Most Recent Year - 2023



Our CO2e intensity was reduced by 33 % from 2017 vs 2023

Our target is to reduce CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) by 50% by 2025


We are committed to embarking on a decarbonization journey to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Our goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. We recognize the urgent need to act and have already implemented several measures to contribute to this target.


To date, we have:


1. Conducted a comprehensive energy audit to identify areas of high carbon emissions and energy inefficiencies within our operations.

2. Implemented energy-saving initiatives, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and optimizing HVAC systems.

3. Implemented waste reduction and recycling programs to minimize our environmental footprint.


Moving forward, we are committed to taking additional steps to further reduce our carbon emissions, including:


  1. Investing in energy-efficient technologies and equipment to improve our operational efficiency.

  2. Transitioning to renewable energy sources by sourcing a significant portion of our electricity from solar power.

  3. Collaborating with suppliers and partners to promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

  4. Continuously monitoring and reporting our progress transparently to stakeholders.


We understand that the path to decarbonization is a journey that requires continuous effort and adaptation. We remain dedicated to playing our part in building a sustainable future and invite you to join us on this crucial mission.

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